Kindle Unlimited: The R. L. Stine/ Goosebumps Edition

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Kindle Unlimited, whether I think it’s worth it or not, and how you can get free audiobooks on Audible with it! One thing I forgot to mention is that I think the price per month is $10. I’m not sure if it comes with Amazon Prime accounts or not. I’ve gotten mixed feedback on that. It seems like one friend has it with her Prime whereas the other had to pay for it additionally, so if anyone knows, comment below!

Today, I am writing part two of that post to share with you some of the books available for free on KU by one of my favorite horror writers: R. L. Stine! Yes, I mostly read him as a kid, but Halloween is coming up, and it’s gotten me in the mood for all things spooky, so I thought I would re-visit an old childhood favorite. Plus, it helps that so many of the books are available for free on audio! I’ll be mentioning audiobooks a lot because I have long commutes to work, so I’m constantly looking for new audiobooks and podcasts to keep me entertained. Not only that, but I’m looking forward to taking walks outside to enjoy the fall weather, and listening to the perfect fall read will only enhance that mood!

Onto the books:

The 13th Warning | My Alien Parents | The Adventures of Shrinkman
The Creatures from Beyond Beyond
(with free audiobook!)
Zombie Town (with free audiobook) | Three Faces of Me (with free audiobook)

I won’t post all of the summaries here because most people already know what to expect with an RL Stine book, but I’ve included Amazon links for them in case you want to check them out.

Also, if you’re not following RL Stine on Twitter, you should be! Not only is it a great way to connect with a favorite author, but his tweets are entertaining.

And after googling him, I’m surprised to see that he’s 74 years old and still writing!

One last thing before I go. Did you know a new Goosebumps movie is coming out in theaters in October? I haven’t seen it advertised much, but I am SO excited about it!