High Voltage (Fever series #10) by Karen Marie Moning

I really came to love Dani in this one, and her storyline takes a turn you won’t see coming. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but I really came to love it by the end. I’m so excited to see what KMM has in store next, and I just can’t wait!

This book picks up about four and a half months after the events of Feversong. That book ended on October 30, and this starts in mid-March. Mac and Barrons have left for a revolt in Faery, so they won’t be in this book. (And side note, but time works in Faery the opposite of what it does in the Silvers: while one week may pass in Faery, a whole year may pass on Earth.) Chesters is open again and Ryodan has been around, but Dani hasn’t really seen much of him. Now at the start of the book he tells her he’s leaving to go do something and that she can’t come with him because her place isn’t with him anymore. Not only is he leaving, but all of the Nine are, and he says he’s going to be gone for YEARS. What?

The book is divided into “Then” and “Now”. Then is pretty short, with just two chapters: Stardust and Earthdust.

This is about a guy walking along a beach who thinks he sees a shooting star, and it carries a very confusing message: It just says, I’M OKAY I’M. This part had me really confused, but it all ties in with the ending, and then I absolutely loved it.

This introduces the Soulstealer, who will end up being the main villain of the book.

Then chapter one starts with Dani’s point of view. Shazam is the first character we see, and now that I know he’s a hel-cat, I’m infinitely less interested in him. But that all changed as the book went on, and by the end I was back to loving Shazam and there was yet another twist with him that really made me go WHOA!

Chapter 3
So Ryodan has left, and now this fast forwards to 2 years, 5 months after the song (ATS), which is basically two years after the end of chapter two, when Dani had been attacked by shade-like things and Ryodan had left. So I guess it’s true that he’d be gone for YEARS, and that makes my heart hurt WHY?

It turns out that the fae have been kidnapping kids’ parents and leaving them orphaned.

“Christian was somewhere in Scotland, holed up in an ancient crumbling castle (shades of Unseelie King anyone?) with powerful wards placed at a seventy-five-mile perimeter around him to keep everyone out. Or him in. No one seemed sure.”

Also, instead of the Song of Making fixing everything and returning things to “normal,” all of the following has happened:

“Post-Song reality was one in which the rules only became clear by interacting with them, often with unpleasant consequences. Children were being born with unusual gifts—although I’d call some of them curses; objects didn’t always function quite like one had every rational reason to expect; doors didn’t consistently go where you thought they would; and mirrors were the most unreliable of all—even human ones.

Magic burned in the planet, more potent than ever, as if the ancient melody had penetrated deep into the Earth, crooning in dangerously random fashion “Awaken.” Everything had gotten more juice, even us sidhe-seers.”

Anyway, this chapter is about four orphans who lose their home and end up at Rainey Lane’s foster care center because three men decided to burn down their home for no apparent reason. Dani tracks the men down, only to see them disappear into a Silver, which shatters right after they use it. One comes tumbling down on her, and she sees the words, “WHAT DO YOU WANT,” written on it. She can tell that it’s spelled so she doesn’t want to touch it, but it did cut her and got some of her blood on it.

Okay, from this point forward, apparently I just decided to summarize half the book, so proceed with caution if you haven’t read it yet but plan to!

Chapter 4 revolves on her and Shazam, and I could not be less interested. *yawn* Why can’t Dancer be alive instead? Shazam has decided after watching some wildlife documentaries that he wants a mate, so he finds a Pallas cat and brings it and its six other family members home with him, and Dani spends the rest of the boring chapter dealing with that.

Chapter 5 – the owner of the card that Dani caught earlier has come to collect since she “thought” several wishes, and now he wants her magical sword. He almost compels her to give it when Inspector Jayne shows up, compelling her to give it to him instead. It turns out the first guy is actually a “god,” as the gods have been awakened by the song and have decided to re-start their war with the Fae.

Chapter 6 – Dani returns to Arlington Abbey. Kat has a daughter named Rae and has never said who the father was, though Rae resembles Sean, who turned Unseelie and hasn’t been seen for years.

Kat did admit to Sean that she was unfaithful. I thought it would have been with Kasteo, but she says it’s with Cruce?? Sean had found someone to do a paternity test after the baby was born, but he just couldn’t deal with her cheating, and so he disappeared.

Chapter 14 – Papa Roach is back, and we learn his name is Gustaine.

The great Soulstealer, a “god”, Balor has returned. Balor is the one who has been hiring guys to “steal” women, many of them badly beaten, and chained them to a column near his altar.

Balor has a limp and wears a raven mask that covers half his face.
AOZ, the god that tried to take the sword from Dani, works for Balor, or at least told Balor that Dani has the sword.

Ryodan shows up at 34.9% or 40.4% through of the actual story. (Important to note because KMM says this book is a love story, but for the first 40% I didn’t see it because Ryodan was in it for about two pages at that point. The second half of the book? Yes, absolutely and some parts really just stole my breath away.) But when he does:

“I kissed him like he was the battlefield I was born to wage all my wars on. I kissed him like he was the only king this Amazon warrior might ever take her army into combat for. I kissed him like we were primal, lethal beasts, fearlessly stalking those violent, killing no-man’s-lands where angels feared to tread, and I kissed him with a hunger that’s never once been slaked, as I unleashed all the fire and fury and savagery in my soul—and there is one fuck of a lot of it.”

“I kissed him with the rainbow-colored shattered hopes and dreams of a child betrayed in ways too damaging and numerous to count, and I kissed him with the yearning to be the one making joy blaze from his eyes.”

And then it’s another 40 pages before he’s back. And there’s a small part with Barrons and Mac:

“I love BB&B. Love, love, love it. It smells of high adventure bound in leather casings, crammed on shelves waiting to be freed, of Mac’s peaches and cream candles, of Barrons’s fine furnishings and wool rugs, and the spice of my kind of danger. The sounds of this store are music to my soul, the tinkling of the front doorbell, which I intended to bang at least once while I was here, the soft hiss of the gas fire in an enameled hearth, the quiet hum of the fridge behind Mac’s counter.”

More random quotes (some may contain spoilers):
⚡“When someone has done everything in their power to mangle your wings beyond recognition, to slice them to shreds so that they can never be used, there is only one way to win. Fly.”

⚡“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world
The master calls a butterfly.

⚡“But whatever’s happening changes nothing. You’re so bloody beautiful to me—any color, any race, any skin, any species, woman, I will love you across all of them. If you turn into a Hunter, my beast and yours will run together. We’ll fight wars, save worlds, become legend. He smiled faintly. I’ll be the only beast in the universe in love with a dragon.”

⚡“It’s strange and exhilarating but I have to admit, being a Hunter, flying among the stars for the past few months was beyond my wildest dreams. Y’rill and I played with the abandon we’d shared Silverside, with one difference—no predators, no enemies, just adventures. I’d visited worlds beyond describing, drifted inside nebulae, played hide and seek in meteor fields, watched stars go supernova, slingshot around moons, played in the gaseous rings of planets, my Hunter body impervious to harm. I’d barely scratched the surface of discovering what it was to be a Hunter”

⚡ “I never told you. You define beauty for me, Dani O’Malley. Copper flames and emerald ice. The snow and rose of your skin. Those insanely powerful legs. The steel in your spine. The unquenchable fire in your spirit.” “You’re unbreakable, woman. None of it ever broke you. You’re my fucking holy place. Do you know that? Why the fuck didn’t I ever tell you?”

“Once, I’d kissed him, felt those fangs graze my teeth as pure high voltage had arced between us.”

And that is where the books title comes from: how she feels about Ryodan. (Or so I thought. The words high voltage are actually used quite a bit, and you’ll see what exactly it means.)

Loved this interview with her: https://www.underthecoversbookblog.co…